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Just like salt and pepper – Carpet and Carpet Cleaning

Carpet (as well as carpet cleaning) has become a part of our everyday life’s. It protects the floor from all dirt and damages. Also, it keeps your feet warm and last but not least it is a nice decoration in your home. Unless if it’s dirty. As a result, it goes without saying that carpet and carpet cleaning belongs together, just like salt and pepper does.

Cost Effective

Accidents and spillages happen. During the years of using the carpet, it will build up a fair amount of dirt. No matter how hard you try to keep it clean: if you use something it will likely to get dirty. Especially when you have pets and/or your home is fairly busy.

Don’t panic! It’s not necessary to throw out your favourite carpet. You don’t even need to spend hundreds/thousands of pounds on buying the new carpet and get it fitted. Simply get us clean your carpets!

How does carpet cleaning work?

Using professional equipment, our friendly cleaners will get your beloved carpet back into its shine again. Only in a couple of hours!

Our team arrives with all the necessary equipment and chemicals and start the cleaning. First, they will hoover your carpets with a strong, commercial hoover to remove any larger pieces of dirt. Once it’s done, it’s time for the real cleaning. The powerful machine will remove most dirt from your carpets. Let it be spots from a kitten or spots from a poorly child, our machine cleans all dirt. We use WoolSafe Approved chemicals, to ensure that your carpets receive the right treatment, leaving a very pleasant fragrance behind.

What about Steam Cleaning?

Steam cleaning is a powerful combination together with the carpet cleaning. It’s an additional service, which does not come together with the carpet cleaning, however it’s highly recommended. As for first, we will clean the carpets, just like we mentioned above. After that, it’s time for our commercial steam cleaner. It will finish cleaning and kill all bacteria (99.99% to be exact) that’s left in your carpet. Using a pleasant fragrance, we will leave a lovely, fresh smell behind along with your clean carpets.

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