End of Tenancy and Deep Cleaning

Out of all, cleaning the bathroom and removing limescale is one of the most difficult job. Limescale can appear on tiles, taps, sinks and toilet sinks and it is a tough job to get rid of it. But not for us. Using the strongest chemicals that’s possible, our team will make them disappear in no time!

Carpet Cleaning

Our chemicals can tackle spots & stains, carbon, grease, oil, soot, rubber and deeply ingrained soils. Our high power carpet extractor machine cleans your carpets without soaking them, so you can enjoy your freshly cleaned carpets straight away.

Oven Cleaning

Most people prefer to use oven over hob, as you can just chuck your food in and off you go. As a result, every oven needs a thorough, deep clean in every few months. Our oven Cleaning service will definitely bring your oven back to life!